I manage a portion of the regulatory department at my company. Legalization was always done a certain way before I started managing this department. I was unhappy with my lead-time for the documents with the current process so I sought out an alternative option. Out of all the companies that were in the running for the outsourcing of this service, Sam hands-down stood out from the rest.

-Tony H.

Our CEO needed a document to be legalized for an embassy on an urgent basis, and Sam and the Global Registrations team personally took care of this. He had the document completed and shipped back to our office within 2 business days!

-Daniel B.

We have been using Global Registrations for a year and a half, we love their service. Our ability to contact Sam at any time and get answers to complex questions makes us feel connected and taken care of.

-Tina S.

We had difficulty working with EMEA and AsiaPac countries. Suprisingly Global Registrations was able to solve our issues as they have great relationships with those embassies. This made the Apostille and Legalization process a breeze for us. It also meant much faster turnaround times and predictable outcomes. Kudos to them!!

-Stephanie C

Global Registrations has processed every document in half the time we were getting from other sources with better visibility into the process. We are extremely happy with their service.

-Kate M.