Space Alterations

Global Registrations experience in government construction spans in scale from local to national projects.

Whether you’re opening a new office and need space, or are relocating, more than likely you will need to complete an interior build-out. By co-locating from day one, Global Registration’s design-build team is able to obtain highly useful information from the building maintenance team to assist with solving the procurement and scheduling hurdles. Typically, deep retrofits come at the substantial price of the occupants; however because of our thoughtful pre-planning, we are able to minimize or eliminate occupant discomfort during a renovation. Some reasons for requiring a space bulid-out or interior construction include the following:

Current Design Trends. For some business owners, there comes a point where they have to remodel their space to keep it current and able to meet modern commercial demands.

Business Expansion. Some businesses may need to revamp the interior of their facility if their business expands into new departments. Adding or removing walls can transform a space.

New Leaseholder. Landlords that rent space may have to do more than one interior build-out, as each new tenant may have different requirements for the building.


Global Registrations, partners with high end and budget-oriented furnishings providers coupled with experienced Project Management, Interior Design, Installation Services, and related support services. Our suppliers provide our clients with a full range of products from systems furniture, laminate, steel and wood executive suites, reception areas, lounges, training rooms and specialty furnishings such as overbed and exam tables.

Through our established partnerships, we offer drop-ship programs for many of the product categories and can assist you with everything from planning through acquisition; from budgeting through accessorizing. Global Registrations full line contract furnishings partnerships allow us to offer floor to ceiling demountable wall systems, raised floor systems, site furnishings, storage and filing products, ergonomic accessories, lab furnishings, artwork, and interior signage, to name a few major categories. We can purchase or install furniture for short term use.


in a couple of different forms such as Sale-leaseback or Using a Developer.

In most cases, a new build to suit development tends to be a more cost-effective and less risky endeavor than some other types of development, because the tenant has a standard they are working off of, so there’s almost no leasing risk.

The biggest advantage is that the property is designed and built to suit the specifications of the tenant, which helps to maximize spaceefficiency and reduce long-term costs.

Additionally, because most tenants seek double-digit returns, and with CAP and return rates in the single digits, deploying capital into development projects doesn’t always make sense.


  • Cyber Security
  • Network design and infrastructure
  • Server virtualization, installation, and management
  • Desktop support and helpdesk services
  • Network security and firewall management
  • Virus and Threat remediation
  • Email management, archiving,and retention
  • Mobile device support and management
  • IT equipment ordering


Our proven process includes Engineering, Design, Procurement, Installation, Testing, Training, & Support to insure our solutions works perfectly in your environment from Day 1.

Solutions include but are not limited to:

Audio Systems: Distributed Audio; Broadcast Audio; Conference Room Audio

Video Systems: Digital Media Servers; Digital Signage; Projection & LED Displays; Video Conferencing; Interactive Whiteboards; LED Video Walls

Lighting Systems: LED Lighting Dimming; & Control Systems

Digital Signage: Wayfinding; Digital Menu Boards; Entertainment


Our Telecom Integration Services are vast and we have experience with:SMS-C integration

  • MMS-C integration
  • WAP Gateway integration
  • RBT integration
  • Radius/AAA (SBR) service integration
  • Pre-paid Charging System integration (various protocols and vendors)
  • Billing System integration
  • Provisioning system integration
  • Activation system integration
  • CRM integration
  • DWH integration
  • IVR integration
  • USSD integration
  • MAP/HLR integration
  • SS7/SIGTRAN signalling

We have experience with products from the following vendors:

  • Acision (SMS-C, MMS-C, Charging Gateway)
  • Ericsson (Charging System, BSCS, GGSN, MSP, MSDP, ECE, EMA, EMM, HLR)
  • NSN (Charging System, Charging Gateway)
  • Huawei (HLR, RBT, Charging System, Network Gateway)
  • Oracle (OCAS, Network Gatekeeper, SOA Suite, Glassfish)
  • Juniper (SBR)