Software & Web Platform Development

Customized Web Platforms

Technology is changing the way we do business rapidly.
Our team specializes in developing web-based platforms / portals that optimize the way your business operates. Paper-records are a thing of the past and our team will work with you to identify your distinct needs and create a unique system that gives your business a cutting-edge advantage.

Software Development

  • - Custom applications
  • - Data Base Management
  • - Optimize the use of existing Microsoft based products (e.g., Excel, SharePoint) to execute processes or implement solutions.
  • - Data intelligence, analysis, transparency: Design and implement queries and processes for data analyses, extractions, reports, and/or reconciliations.
  • - Develop, coordinate, and provide training services in connection with support and implementation of related activities.

APP Development

  • - Native & Hybrid App Development
  • - UI/UX Design & Optimization
  • - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 360° Integration.
  • - Project Consultation

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Engineering

  • - Business/Requirements Analysis & Modeling
  • - Consulting - Tokenization / Blockchain Applications
  • - ICO Consulting and Crypto-token development

Financial Management Systems

  • - Budget Formulation
  • - Budget Execution
  • - Design, develop, configure, implementation, upgrade, and support the use/operation of financial management systems.
  • - Support the implementation and operation of financial management, data, analysis, transparency, budget formulation, budget execution, contracting and acquisition support, and financial reporting related activities and initiative.
  • - Automate the creation and dissemination of, financial reports, and other external reports.
  • - Develop tools to help with internal and external audit efforts.