Global Registrations has often served as a vehicle to bring in staff for specific skill areas, both from fulfilling one or two key positions, all the way to assembling a large cadre of mission-specific workers to achieve a pre-defined goal or business objectives. GR can conform to bringing in specific staff, or take the responsibility of evaluating existing staff to determine which additional skills are needed on the team to handle the workload and make the necessary deadlines.


The advantage to the customer is that it can hire new staff on their payroll, or use approved staff as contractors to the extent that they need those services, which allows the customer a great deal of flexibility and scalability, while reducing their labor overhead.

Global Registrations acts as your immediate solution to satisfy ad-hoc & temporary staff requirement for a prompt turnaround of projects, to fulfill job-specific gaps in the organization, or to find permanent long-term skilled workers to take over key positions. Hiring people the traditional way is a drawn-out process involving job advertisements, interviews, reference and background verifications, onboarding and stacks of paperwork, which are all hinderances in reaching your deadlines.